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Polito Giotto Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven With Hexa Stand

Pizza oven perfected: Fast, efficient, unmatched.

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Color: Black

Experience the perfect fusion of tradition and modernity with the Polito Giotto Wood Fired and Hexa stand, a wood-fired pizza oven that reimagines culinary excellence. Reflecting the classic Napoli style in a contemporary design, the Giotto is compact yet offers unmatched cooking performance.


This Polito Giotto crafted with authentic Italian roots, offers world-class thermal performance. Its versatility is another strength - suitable for indoor or outdoor installation, this portable and weatherproof oven adapts to your lifestyle.

The Polito Giotto pizza oven is available in two striking colors: black and copper. More than just a functional oven, it stands as a captivating centerpiece in any outdoor setting. The radiant hue of the copper variant, in particular, garners immediate attention, establishing itself as a true feature piece. If you're aiming to make a pronounced statement with your pizza oven, the luxurious and distinguished copper option is a top choice.

As exclusive distributors of Polito Pizza Ovens in the United States, The Pizza Oven Store brings you the Giotto, ready for fast home delivery.

Technical Specification

External Dimension
30.7 in
Depth: 30.7 in
Height: 19.7 in
Weight: 352 oz

External oven dimensions: 19.7" H x 38.2" Dia.

Internal oven dimensions: 30.7" Dia.

Oven wall width: 3.7" W

Oven floor thickness: 3.1"

Oven flue connection diameter: 7.9" Dia

Mouth opening: 6.7" H x 21.7" W

Second opening (internal door width): 18.9" W

Hexa stand height: 41.7" H

Bench stand height: 5.9" H

Flue height with cowl/rainhat: 17.7" H

These are rounded to one decimal place for clarity.

What's in the box?
  • Giotto Pizza Oven
  • Laser Cut Stainless Steel Door (awesome for roasting and baking bread)
  • 17.7" high flue with cowl
  • Operations manual & handbook

5 Year Warranty

Extend the warranty by registering your Giotto within 90 days of purchase and relax knowing you have for an extended 5-year warranty from date of purchase.

Every product comes with a 1-year warranty.

Polito Giotto now in stock in the USA

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Exceptional Performance

Quickly hits 900°F with minimal wood, delivering restaurant-quality dishes in your backyard.

Revolutionary Evolution

Pioneering the next chapter in wood-fired cooking, blending tradition with modern innovation

Effortless Mastery

Engineered for intuitive use, amplifying your joy in cooking.

5 year warranty

Constructed with premium-grade materials for unparalleled durability

Quick Heat-Up Time

Quick Heat-Up Time

Say goodbye to long wait times. The Polito Giotto heats up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit in just 45 minutes, outpacing traditional ovens by a mile.

Exceptional Heat Retention

Exceptional Heat Retention

The Giotto's high-quality refractory cement inner shell retains heat for hours, enabling you to enjoy easy pizza cooking and low-heat cooking. Imagine the smell of roasts and bread wafting through your home.

Alfresco and Patio Dining

The Polito Giotto is the perfect pizza oven for you alfresco or outdoor area.

Key Features

Superior Heat Maintenance

40mm refractory stone base combined with robust insulation ensures rapid heating and prolonged temperature retention.

Two Pizza Capacity

Easily cook two 12" pizzas wtih a 31" dia. cooking area.

polito giotto wood fire pizza oven in copper

Made with Australian Precision

Meticulously designed and built in Australia, embodying quality and precision.

Wood Efficient

Consumes a mere 4-6lbs of wood hourly, optimizing fuel without compromising performance.

Perfectly Balanced

Sturdy enough for optimal performance, yet lightweight for versatile placement options.

Eye-Catching Elegance

With its stunning design and array of color choices, it's more than an oven—it's a statement piece.

Versatile Cooking

Versatile Cooking

This isn't just for pizza. The Giotto lets you cook an array of dishes - bread, pasta, roasts, veggies, seafood, meats - with ease.

Precision Craftsmanship

Precision Craftsmanship

The Giotto is a twist on the Napoli oven with Italian heritage, it's a testament to high-quality materials and craftsmanship. And it looks simply stunning.

Polito Giotto at home