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Four Piece Residential Pizza Oven Tool Kit

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America line pizza set for occasional residential users composed by 4 pieces: 

  • pizza peel in aluminated steel 13'' x 12'' (F-32R) - 47" long
  • small aluminated pizza peel diameter 8'' (F-20) - 47" long
  • oven brush with brass bristles (ACH-SP) - 47" long
  • wall-mounted peel rack (ACH-PP3)

Square Pizza Peel, head 13'' x 12'' aluminated and handle in ribbed untreated aluminum. Light model to make it practical for occasional use. The head/handle joint consists in the overlay of the two elements secured by three rivets in line that guarantee safety and no movement. The oval tubular handles ensure stability and prevent rotation. Suitable for those looking for a tool to handle standard pizzas (diameter 11''-12'') both in small ovens (at home) and in deeper ovens.

Small Turning Peel in aluminated steel with a perfectly round head. The handle base and sliding interim grip are in specific high-density polymer with high resistance to impact and heat a fitting  on the handle base makes it possible to block the interim element and find it available at the top when the small peel is placed head down.

Brush with brass bristles, 6'' x 2'' x h1.8'' cm and untreated aluminium handle. Straight and swivel head to reach every corner of the oven.

Wall-Mounted Peel Rack, 3  places (peel, small peel, brush) in anodized aluminum. Easy and practical allows hooking tools with head downwards, with fewer risks of involuntary burns. Dimensions: 8'' x 2.7''.